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As founders of Survival Retreat Consulting, our family lived the rat race in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade until one day in 2003, I had the pleasure of meeting James Wesley, Rawles the founder and editor of and the world famous author of the 'Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse' novel series. The advice he so authentically gave our family that day changed our lives forever.

For the next three years we struggled to break free of the urban crime-scape. We visited our chosen safe haven region in the American Redoubt over thirty times seeking the ultimate sustainable survival property that balanced the needs of our growing family, without being too far from a small rural town in Idaho, Montana or Washington.

Our journey was nothing short of stressful and frustrating. We thought with my prior military experience and the knowledge our family had learned covering all aspects of sustainable living, that the journey would be a simple one.

Our safe haven dreams were shattered when we realized that we couldn’t find a professional, discrete, consultant to guide us through the search. There was nobody willing to pre-visit, screen and evaluate the properties we saw online based upon our criteria, thus saving valuable time and money making all those trips back and forth.

The real estate agents we contacted never took the time to get to know our family or understand our dreams, they just wanted us to drive ourselves around and then call if we wanted to write an offer. Unfortunately, this can be a typical scenario in some areas of rural America.

We felt like outcasts when all we wanted to do was find that perfect safe haven that would be comfortable for our family to live year round and bring us what we were lacking in the big city; Peace of Mind.

After the chaos of our own relocation we decided to build a custom full service business model that would allow anyone, regardless of resources, to make one call and receive the service we only dreamed of having.

Now we are excited and honored to offer the following in-house and affiliate services, with one call you'll have access to the following services;

Strategic Relocation and Survival Retreat Consulting, Property Analysis, Privacy Consulting, Discreet and Confidential Real Estate Brokerage Services, Security/Tactical Training, Secure Architecture Design, Tacticalscape Landscaping, Development and custom consulting packages.

Please read about our Strategic Relocation Experts below and give one of the them a call today to learn more! You may also reach me at 406-241-1795 or email at 

Black Rifle Affiliate Staff Members

Lead Security Consultants and Firearms / Tactics Instructors*

Verrett’s Tactical specializes in personal safety and street survival, bridging the gap between the typical static firearms range and real world training by providing SRC clients with on-site custom designed live fire training at your private rural retreat anywhere in the country. We develop personal skill sets through dynamic hands-on firearms training for Civilians, Law Enforcement and Military personnel. From Terrorism Threat Responses to defending your family retreat from roaming bands of criminal gangs in a grid down event, VerTac has you covered.

 Please visit Verretts Tactical for more information.


Hardened Structures


Hardened Structures / Secure Architectural Design

Douglas is the head of the design department for Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters LLC and represents them on the west coast.  One of his unique backgrounds, having served in the US Army as an Airborne qualified Infantry officer, gives him a critical knowledge in the planning and designing of secure and hardened homes and sites for clients.

Douglas is a licensed architect with over 26 years professional experience in all aspects of design and construction.  He holds active architect licenses in Oregon and California, and inactive licenses in several other states and the Chicago Registered Energy Professional Credential. He is also among just 20% of architects who hold the NCARB accreditation credentials; it is highly recognized and allows him for ease of additional licensures both in the US and abroad.

Prior to work with Hardened Structures, LLC, Douglas owned and operated a custom residential design-build practice for 6 years and for the 16 prior years worked on wide variety of commercial projects such as high-tech Data Centers, critical infrastructure and generator power system projects, medical technology and pharmaceutical laboratories, and airports and high rises. Currently, he is studying the highly energy efficient principals of “Passive House Design” to achieve the Passive House Design Consultant credential.  Compared to standard US homes, following these design principals could save clients’ home energy usage by 80%. He understands the energy usage is one of major concerns especially when it comes to off-grid retreat homes.

Douglas has grown up in a family of carpenters and general contractors, and has been a licensed general contractor in Chicago himself. He now lives in the mountains of southern Oregon with his wife, daughter, and a 105lb Coon Hound/lab mix and enjoys gardening with a goal of developing his own hybrid-version of permaculture and intensive farming techniques. He also engages in destructive ballistic testing of various building materials and products to better understand their real capabilities. He is trained in Kendo and Tai Kwon Do along with individual and small unit operations, and tactics with small arms.


Please visit Hardened Structures for more information and use Code 'Black Rifle' for a complimentary Threat Assessment.


James Perschall*
Aquaponics & Permaculture

(No Photo for OPSEC)

James Perschall is a twenty-year military veteran, whose career spans the United States Marine Corps, Army National Guard, and United States Coast Guard.  

As a Marine, he attended and graduated from Parris Island Recruit Training, The USMC School of Infantry, and Army Airborne Training, Ft Benning GA. He served in an operational platoon at Third Force Reconnaissance Unit, USMCR.  While serving in the U.S. Army National Guard, he held the position of counter-intelligence agent.

During James’s service in the U. S. Coast Guard, he served in the Deployable Operations Group, providing waterborne and land side force protection to U.S. military and NATO personnel and equipment, as well as critical infrastructure in the Middle East and the United States, serving a tour in Iraq.

In 1992,  during James’s deployment to South Florida with the Army National Guard in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew the fragility of our society, infrastructure, and law and order became glaringly apparent to him.  And though he did not realize it at the time, it was then that the seed of his move to the American Redoubt was planted.  Although almost twenty years would pass before he found the ideal location, James was finally able to move his wife and family to the area known as The American Redoubt.

James’s interest in Aquaponics began as he came to the realization that you can’t eat ammunition, and you can only store so much food.  What was needed was a sustainable method of producing abundant vegetables and protein, year round, regardless of climate, water, or soil conditions.

James, his wife of twenty-five years, and two teenage children proudly reside in the American Redoubt.

* Certain Staff Members are independent affiliate contractors of Black Rifle Real Estate and/or Survival Retreat Consulting and may receive compensation for the referral.