Water = Sustainability

Every property must have a primary source of fresh potable water, and preferably a secondary year round source.

At Survival Retreat Consulting we take into account all of a clients criteria and then begin with Water. It's important to note that most properties will have a drilled water well, or the ability to drill a well for the primary source of fresh potable water. This is certainly acceptable and as long as the depth is under 600 feet, a hand pump can then be installed to bring water up when the grid goes down. Even for those that are on alternative energy such as Solar or Hydro power with generator back-up, it's important to note that these systems can and do fail due to circumstances outside of our control, thus the reason for a secondary water source, if possible.

The importance of a secondary year round water source must be considered during the property search. There are many homes that source water from gravity spring fed systems or use a RAM pump, which requires zero electricity, to pump the water to a holding tank above the home and then gravity feeds it back down. These are excellent primary and back-up systems, however, the property must have the water!

SRC is always on the lookout for properties that have one or more of these attributes:

Lake, Reservoir, Slough, River, Creek, Steam, Brook, Spring or Pond