Flee the City™: How to make your Strategic Relocation a success

STEP ONE: Planning and Logistics

Our unique Flee the City™ Services: SRC will help you plan for all the logistical needs of the new property, as well as any supplies you’ll need to complete a successful ‘bug-out’ if your new property is simply a ‘second home / vacation’ and ‘survival’ property.

Finding the right property is a daunting task itself, what about supplies? Have you ever wondered what a fully stocked safe room needs to contain to ensure the survival of your family and friends? Not to worry, we have you covered from the beans to the bullets and beyond. Our confidential consulting services will handle the procurement and confidential storage of almost every item* needed to meet your personal threat assessment.

Does your new property need a safe storage room or facility onsite? SRC can handle that along with a host of other confidential off-grid services to bring your property to a near 100% survivability rating.

Contact us directly for more information.

*SRC does and will not handle the purchase of any ATF/NFA regulated item. However, ammunition we do.

Where is your dream property?

What specific region in the country is right for you and your family?
What State fits you based upon criteria such as social, economic and taxes, political, religion and overall freedom?
In each locale there are micro-communities which will impact your overall success.  Where do you fit?