Tactical + Permaculture = Tacticalscape

The enhancement of preparedness properties through the seamless integration of water features, alternative energy and food production systems with discreetly designed tactical positions.

The integration of these key features provides the foundation for a sustainable and defensible retreat property.  

     Utilizing a property's natural terrain is key.

    Utilizing a property's natural terrain is key.

As preppers we are all seeking abundant water, alternative energy creation, sustainable year round food production, on a highly defensible property. These attributes are the pillars of retreat property scouting, however, how do you implement all these aspects into a seamless retreat development plan that not only makes sense, but stays under budget?

Before you start making calls and buying equipment for your property, you'll need a well thought out design. The questions are endless; How to clear a spot for the solar panels yet keep certain trees and bushes for cover and concealment? Can the tail-water from the hydro be used to form a water feature that acts as a terrain obstacle for threats? How about a combination swale and Hugelkultur bed to form a vehicular barrier both at the entrance of the retreat, but along the extended driveway as it winds along several curves designed for ambush points, and food production.

The landscape design division of Survival Retreat Consulting can tackle these tough answers and help you move into the  design and retrofit stage, and as you'll find out it's the most exciting and rewarding stages of your new property ownership.

                                              Hugelkultur beds can be used to direct vehicle traffic on a retreat property, and provide food.

                                            Hugelkultur beds can be used to direct vehicle traffic on a retreat property, and provide food.

Defensive positions should be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding terrain.

How to disguise these extensive defensive positions into the landscape?

That's our job.


Standard Property Evaluation 

  Property Master Plan Layout 

  Detailed Food Production Recommendations 

  Stormwater/Drainage Management Plan 

  Pond Conceptual Design 

  Perimeter Security Planting Plan 

Services Include: Natural Camouflage Plan, Construction Documents & Details, Permit Application & Approval Assistance and Property Improvement Visualization through CAD renderings.