It’s time to Flee the City and make your Strategic Relocation to a safe location in rural America!

We unapologetically support Constitutionally based Law Enforcement Officers ONLY and the Blue Lives Matter movement. We love these United States of America, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and most of all, the people that make America great.

We are a PATRIOTS ONLY real estate firm.

As a husband, father and/or leader of your household we believe that you are bound to protect your loved ones at all costs. We understand that making a decision to leave the comforts of your current home and job may be difficult. The reward for taking a stand and seeing your family safe as the sanctuary cities are burned to the ground? Priceless.

Got Rural Property? We can help!

Need Firearms consulting and Tactical Training? We can help!

Seek to upgrade your new property into a sustainable homestead? We can help!

Attention all social justice warriors and radical insane leftists; As always, we are a Fair Housing firm. We don’t care what you look like or where you are from. This means we do follow all HUD and Fair Housing Act guidelines for non-discrimination, so everyone is welcome. However, we do discriminate based upon political and moral beliefs. Snowflakes, Liberals, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, and other Tyrants that hate our Constitutional Republic, the Bill of Rights and want to defund law enforcement are not allowed to engage our services.

Train Hard.

expect no mercy.

Always be working.

The American Redoubt is the Last Refuge of the American Patriot!

We understand that many of you are tied to major cities by jobs and family, we were there once too. But, having a place of refuge for your family is paramount. It’s time to prepare to Flee the City and make your Strategic Relocation to Rural America by purchasing a property outside a small town where the freedoms of our forefathers are still alive. 

Whether you plan to have a bug-out survival property, a full-time family homestead or retire and build your dream home, Rural America gives you ultimate freedom and safety far away from the Sanctuary City. 

Living on a rural property in a Free State also gives you the best chance to survive major events such as an EMP or nuclear strike, invasion by foreign powers and even a possible coming Civil War.  Better to be Safe than sorry…

Your family is counting on you to lead them to safety. Take a moment to contact Black Rifle Real Estate and lead your family to the freedom and safety of Rural America!

We would appreciate you filing out the CONTACT FORM first, then scheduling a call with us!

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